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We didn’t think it could get more exciting than being the first UK operator to offer unlimited data. Build the UK’s fastest growing 3G network. Roll out 4G to 8 million customers. Or provide all-you-can-eat data so you can stream your favourite shows. Then we surprised ourselves by deciding to get even more agile, more collaborative, and rebuild the entire blooming company. Fun times ahead.


Who we are.

We’ve been bringing new stuff to the market since 2003. That feeling never gets old. Today we’ve got well over 300 stores, and our network covers 98% of the UK population. We always look to address industry issues that frustrate customers, and make it better for everyone.

Back in the day, we introduced a series of innovations like free 0800 calls. And we’ve never stopped since. All-you-can-eat data and an end to roaming charges are just some of our recent firsts.

What we’re aiming for now is to be the UK’s best loved brand for our people and our customers in the future. We can only do that if you help us shake things up and reinvent the rules (again).

Go Binge. 2017

Our Timeline.

3G starts up.
We doubled in size, thanks to a network share agreement with another operator.
We launched The One Plan and all-you-can-eat packages.
We were the least complained about mobile operator and started to roll out 4G at no cost.
Feel At Home let customers use their existing plans in over 16 countries. It didn’t cost them a thing.
#makeitright launched. With spend caps, unbeatable pay as you go rates, Essential plans which cut out the frills, and Feel At Home now covering 50 destinations, we were starting to make mobile fair.
12.5m views of the dancing pony video on YouTube.
The Future?
We become the best loved brand by our people and our customers. We all need a goal, don’t we?


Winning Awards isn’t what motivates us. But it’s great to see the hard work of our teams recognised, especially when it’s through a public vote. Here are a few of our recent achievements. (And well done, everyone).

  • uSWITCH MOBILE AWARDS 2017We were voted the best network for data. That’s thanks to our techies.

    We won best monthly pay network, voted for by consumers. It was on the back of our successful 4G rollout and the popularity of our price plans. Congrats to the marketing and techie people.

  • YouGovIn March 2017 we were the most recommended network according to a survey of mobile phone users.

  • REBA Wellbeing Awards 2018We were awarded the ‘Employee Wellbeing Award 2018. This recognises our efforts in actively supporting physical wellbeing among our people.

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