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This team focuses on the people who buy phones and services from us.

What they actually do is less straightforward than their name. They’ve got full profit accountability for our segments and channels. So they develop, maintain and look after our core customers, and work with other teams to develop new segments.

They come up with offers that customers will love. They also carry out marketing activities, manage the relationship with our partners, and deliver a memorable customer experience online. The commercial side of the team makes sure we’re performing the way we should across all channels.

And while digital means loads to us, the high street still means loads to a lot of our customers. Our retail teams are part of this department too – they’re the physical presence of our brand, the warm welcome, the phone know-it-alls, and the people who aim to solve anything.

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Where you could be Working.

Take on a Head Office role, and you’ll be in one of the places we call home.

It’s great having more than one base. It means ideas can come from any corner of the business. And we’re biased, but these are pretty fab and accessible places. We have people from all over the country who travel to and from our locations.

Picture of Maidenhead.


You can get here quickly and easily from all over the region. It’s just off the M4, close to the M40 and there are plenty of rail services – with Crossrail to come. We’re right on the Thames too.

Picture of Reading.


Reading has been attracting major brands and businesses for many years. It’s got lots going for it as a place to live now too, while getting here couldn’t be easier, by road or by rail.

Picture of Glasgow.


You’ll find us right in the middle of the City centre, ideal for a quick coffee or a lunch. Glasgow is a serious cultural metropolis, with convenient trains services station and plenty of buses to get you to and from our offices.

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