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Key Information

Job Type
Shift Pattern
5 days out of 7 (rota basis)
£28,000 - £32,000
Job ID

What you'll do

Our Network not only delivers high-quality, media-rich content, it’s fast and reliable. So no wonder that customers are flocking to our stores. You’ll make sure the in-store experience is fresh, fun and entertaining. There will never be a dull moment as you use your polished sales skills and flair for customer service to meet targets. Just as importantly, you’ll be getting the best out of your team by giving constructive feedback, building individual capabilities and providing inspiring leadership.

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Success Profile

Essential Competencies

Customer Focused

You monitor the impact of the team’s activities on the customer and promote the importance of the customer experience.


You are always evaluating if what you’re doing is the best possible approach and prioritise or plan ahead effectively.


You’re cooperative by nature and always strive to support others in their role by empowering and coaching them.

Desirable Competencies

Business Savvy

You define clear priorities and monitor the impact of business activities on business growth and financial outcomes.

People Management

You inspire and coordinate others, keeping them focused on objectives.

Initiative & Responsibility

You make things happen and are willing to accept responsibility if things don’t go to plan.


You show commitment and determination to achieving high-quality results.

Organisational Awareness

You work within organisational rules, structures and processes to get things done effectively.

Job Description

Three is about to take your career up a notch 

Are you an experienced Store Manager that already knows how to get the best out of a customer facing team, but are looking for that extra challenge? 

Something to get excited about:
Not only will you ensure that your store is a great place to visit and work, As the Area Manager’s number two, you’ll support them in leading and inspiring other store managers in the area, ensuring they understand their role in bringing to life the company strategy at store level. While receiving the kind of development that will set you up for an Area role too

A background that’ll take you further:
You may already be making your mark in the mobile retail industry, but if you’re not, that’s ok too. You’ll be demonstrating you know how to lead, organise and manage a team. Wherever you are now you’ll soon impress us with how much you know about sales techniques, teambuilding, how you’re motivated by targets and how keen you are to be the kind of role model others look up to.

A bit about us:
We exist to make mobile better for everyone. Ever since we were created in 2003, we've been challenging and changing the way the industry works by putting customers first and tackling the issues that frustrate and annoy them. We were the first mobile network to take the fear out of using data with our All You Can Eat plans. We were the first to abolish eye-watering roaming charges for people travelling abroad and we were the first network to give our customers 4G at no extra cost. We knocked out sky high prices for calling 0800 numbers before anyone else.
We’re able to do this thanks to our amazing people who share our passion and belief in making things right.
For us to be at our best, we need the right team. This is why we’re committed to helping our people fulfil their potential, so they can help us fulfil ours. 

Extra Information.

Job Context.

To lead and inspire a team of Store Managers in the area, ensuring they understand their role in bringing to life the delivery of Three company strategy at store level.

Roles & Responsibilities.


  • Directly sells simple products and services to customers while following standardized protocols and/or provides back-office support to a sales team.

Performance Management

  • Helps manage the performance of direct reports by working within performance management systems.

Building Capability

  • Builds own capabilities and develops the capabilities of direct reports by working within existing development framework; provides specialized training or coaching in area of expertise to others throughout the organization.

Leadership and Direction

  • Develops and/or delivers a plan for a specific area of responsibility by managing others.

Data Management

  • Supports and enables others to use and benefit from existing data management systems.

Data Collection & Analysis

  • Analyzes key themes using data from a wide range of sources and identifies possible impacts on the business.

Operational Management

  • Supervises others to deliver prescribed operational outcomes while working within established systems.

Budgeting & Costing

  • Tracks budgets and brings variances to the attention of senior colleagues while working within established budgeting systems.


  • Highlights shortcomings and suggests improvements in current compliance processes, systems and procedures within assigned unit and/or discipline.

Behavioral Skills
Focusing others on the customer

  • Focuses the organization on discovering and meeting the customer’s needs. Specifically, corrects problems; for example, ensuring that customers' issues are corrected promptly and efficiently.

Collaborative Influence

  • Win the hearts and minds of others across boundary collaborations and to do the right thing, regardless of formal authority. Specifically, invites individual cooperation; for example, inviting the sharing of alternative solutions or viewpoints.

Information Seeking

  • A desire to know more and seek information to inform decisions. Specifically, researches; for example, conducting debriefs following completed projects to understand what worked well and what did not.

Approach to Thinking

  • Thinks through situations of varying degrees of complexity and ambiguity, in order to understand them clearly.

Specifically, cuts through complexity; for example, explaining complex situations or data in a way that is easy for others to understand.
Team Leadership

  • Builds a high performing team by ensuring that the team is focused, motivated and inspired to achieve team objectives. Specifically, creates positive team culture; for example, ensuring others follow the expected ways of working.

Understanding Others

  • Takes an active interest in other people. Seeks to understand their individual perspectives and concerns and accurately hears the unspoken or partly expressed thoughts, feelings and concerns of others. Specifically, actively listens; for example, repeating what was heard to check understanding, particularly in difficult conversations.

Holding People Accountable

  • Holds people accountable to standards of performance both in what and how they do it. Specifically, sets basic expectations; for example, monitoring performance against compliance requirements and basic standards.

Organizational Systems Thinking

  • Considers and addresses the organization as a set of interacting systems so as to structure and align organizational ways of working to the strategy or organizational purpose. This is about changing structure, systems, processes (the 'plumbing' of the organization) - it is not the interpersonal aspects of leading change.
  • Specifically, identifies areas for change; for example, diagnosing misalignment between the organizational structure or model and the desired outcomes.

Impact through Influence

  • Engages with others, getting buy-in to deliver results and skillfully influencing to build support. Specifically, uses direct influence; for example, using rational, well thought through arguments.

Conceptual Thinking

  • Thinks through issues by seeing the pattern or big picture, brings facts and ideas together, and develops innovative or creative insights. Specifically, applies models or theories; for example, using a theory to help understand a situation.

People Development

  • Builds capability of others by teaching, coaching and/or mentoring them to do an excellent job for the longterm.
  • Specifically, provides constructive feedback; for example, encouraging others to assess how things have gone, and learn from their experiences.

Drive for Results

  • Focuses on assessing, measuring and improving performance. Shows drive and determination to meet short and long-term goals. Specifically, takes accountability; for example, tracking his/her own performance against standards or measures.

Customer Focus

  • Identifies and meets the needs of internal and external customers, being continually focused on outcomes for customers. Specifically, communicates; for example, reporting back to customers on enquiries, or ensures that others do.

Technical Skills
Performance Management

  • Works with guidance (but not constant supervision) to build a high-performance culture by designing and delivering programs that accurately assess and recognize the skills and capabilities that the organization needs to achieve success.

Managing Change

  • Works with guidance (but not constant supervision) to maintain high performance while applying a change mindset to the planning, execution and monitoring of business activities during times of change.

Commercial Acumen

  • Applies understanding of the business environment and objectives to develop solutions without supervision, while also providing technical assistance when necessary.


  • Negotiates without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on how to help the organization by obtaining consensus between two or more internal or external parties who may have different interests.

Verbal Communication

  • Uses clear and effective verbal communications skills without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on expressing ideas, requesting actions and formulating plans or policies.

Writing skills

  • Uses clear and effective writing skills without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on expressing ideas, requesting actions and formulating plans or policies.

Customer and Market Analysis

  • Conducts research and analyzes data with guidance (but not constant supervision) in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of customer and market conditions that enables maximum return on investments.

Data Management

  • Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on acquiring, organizing, protecting and processing data to fulfill business objectives.

Data Collection and analysis

  • Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on analyzing data trends for use in reports to help guide decision making.

Action Planning

  • Works with guidance (but not constant supervision) to develop appropriate plans or perform necessary actions

based on recommendations and requirements.
Planning and Organizing

  • Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on planning, organizing, prioritizing and overseeing activities to efficiently meet business objectives.

Computer skills

  • Supports business processes without supervision by understanding and effectively using standard office equipment and standard software packages, while providing technical guidance as needed.

Review and Reporting

  • Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on reviewing and creating relevant, lucid and effective reports.


  • Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on achieving full compliance with applicable rules and regulations in management and/or operations.

Skills, Experience & Qualifications.
General Experience
  • Experienced practitioner able to work unsupervised

Managerial Experience

  • Experience of supervising and directing people and other resources to achieve specific end results within limited timeframes


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Is Three right for me?

Take the interactive quiz to help you work out whether Three is the right employer for you by giving you an insight into what it’s like to work with us.

Selection Process.

We’re re-vamping what we do all over the business. Recruitment and selection is no different. Our new approach is designed to make the process work best for both you and us – it’s more than a way for us to assess you and your talents. It’s how we can discover whether we’re right for each other.

Is Three right for me?

If you see a position that interests you, why not check out our interactive questionnaire to find out if Three is right for you.


Am I right for Three?

If you choose to apply, the next step will be to take our online personality test. This assesses how well you will fit in here. We’ll provide feedback – if you’re a good fit, we’ll progress you to the next stage.


Video Interview.

We’ll then arrange a short video interview – featuring just one or two questions. It’s a great way to get a sense of your qualities and communication skills. It will also give you more insight into life at Three and the skills we look for.


Telephone Assessment.

If this interview goes well we’ll schedule a telephone call to talk about details such as hours and location – we need to ensure they will work for you too. We’ll also ask you to complete a short telephone exercise to get an understanding of your skills.


In Store Assessment.

If you impress us on the phone, you’ll be invited to meet the Store Manager. This interaction could involve a face-to-face interview, or an informal (and non-scary) assessment centre.



We’ll provide feedback. At that point, if you tick our boxes, we’ll make you an offer. If we tick yours, you’ll soon be on the team.



We know how hard our teams work. So, we’re happy to reward our people in many different ways. Stuff like a free phone, a bonus and discounted SIMs for your mates are a heartfelt thank you from us, for a job well done by you.

Here’s a quick introduction. Not the full list.

Choose a phone (or £200 cash instead).

You’ll get all-you-can-eat calls, texts and data, and even six discount codes in SIM only plans for friends and family.

It’s never too early to start a pension.

With ours, when you pay in, we pay in. You’ll get tax and national insurance savings straight away.

Through our Superstars Scheme.

We make sure individuals get the recognition they deserve (and a nice thank you card).

You’ll get access to a discount portal.

That will give you some great savings on retail brands and things like restaurants and cinema tickets.

Everybody loves some extra cash for a job well done.

Our monthly bonuses are paid based on store performance. So it reflects all the effort the team puts in.