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Job ID Date Posted Location
19036P 10/09/2019 Chatham
Work Location Job Type Contract Type
3Store Chatham Hourly Part-time
Hours Per Week Shift Pattern Closing Date
20 Retail including weekends N/A

This role is an essential part of our ability to provide the most consistent and enjoyable customer experience to every customer through outstanding knowledge of our products, propositions, and our award-winning network. You will positively re-enforce great team working across all channels and offer solutions to customers that match their needs, supporting the delivery of our company plan and strategy, and helping to enhance our company reputation in the marketplace.

Consider yourself on stage at all times, surprising and delighting your audience with your extensive knowledge and genuine enthusiasm for Three's range of products and services.

What makes this role unique?

Working as part of an award winning Retail team consisting of other Customer Advisors and Assistant Managers, you will report to a Store Manager. As the face of our company brand, you will play a huge part in how we deliver against our customer- focused goals.

You will be accountable for achieving personal and store KPIs and responsible for driving customer experience by engaging in relevant and engaging conversations with your customers. You will have the opportunity to develop and show your drive and determination to succeed in an environment that will support and prepare you for the next level of your career.

You will be required to work evenings and weekends depending on the store's hours of operation and you may be asked to support other store teams in your area as and when needed.

To achieve personal and store KPIs and drive great customer experience by assessing customers through engaging and open conversations.



  • Proactively achieves personal and store KPIs and to selling and promoting the products that meet the customer needs
Customer Management
  • Builds good relationships with customers through the use of the 'Great Conversations' model to make sure its delivers a great customer experience in store.
Operational Management
  • Performs operational tasks ensuring that the store runs effectively by following established processes.
  • Ensures store standards are high and works within current compliance processes, systems and procedures, to make sure that the customer data is accurate and not fraudulent, reporting shortcomings if needed.
Work Scheduling / Allocation
  • Responds to given priorities by determining own work schedule on a daily basis.
Behavioural Skills

Drive for Results

  • Focuses on assessing, measuring and improving performance. Shows drive and determination to meet short and long-term goals.
  • Specifically, takes accountability; for example, tracking his/her own performance against standards or measures.
Understanding Others
  • Takes an active interest in other people. Seeks to understand their individual perspectives and concerns and accurately hears the unspoken or partly expressed thoughts, feelings and concerns of others.
  • Specifically, recognises emotions; for example, reading body language and facial expressions.
Approach to Thinking
  • Thinks through situations of varying degrees of complexity and ambiguity, in order to understand them clearly.
  • Specifically, sees basic relationships; for example, identifying simple cause and effect, or pros and cons.
Information Seeking
  • A desire to know more and seek information to inform decisions.
  • Specifically, ask routine questions; for example, asking for background when given a task or assignment.
Attention to Detail
  • Manages, tracks and attends to multiple pieces of information, bringing order and clarity.
  • Specifically, monitors others' work; for example, checking to ensure that procedures are followed.
Customer Focus
  • Identifies and meets the needs of internal and external customers, being continually focused on outcomes for customers.
  • Specifically, communicates; for example, reporting back to customers on enquiries, or ensures that others do.
Technical Skills


  • Works under supervision at an elementary level to maximise the volume and value of sales in the store.
Computer skills
  • Supports business processes under supervision by applying an IT basic knowledge and an elementary understanding and effective use of standard office equipment and standard software packages, including the credit check system.
Verbal Communication
  • Uses clear and effective verbal communications skills with guidance (but not constant supervision) to express ideas and deal with customers and colleagues both in store and by phone.
Commercial Acumen
  • Applies basic understanding of the business/commercial environment and objectives, including context and market trends as well as product knowledge, to develop solutions under supervision.
Action Planning
  • Works under supervision at an elementary level to deliver established personal plans or perform necessary actions based on recommendations and requirements.
Planning and Organising
  • Works under supervision at an elementary level to plan, organise, prioritise and oversee its own daily activities to efficiently meet business objectives.
  • Works under supervision at an elementary level to achieve full compliance with Company rules and regulations.


General Education
  • General education only, skills are gained through experience. Academic qualification not required. 
  • Secondary / Intermediate + (5 GCSE)
General Experience
  • Basic experience in a retail/customer facing or similar fast pace environment at an operational level. 
  • Confidence when talking in front of people is also required. 
  • Written skills are desirable.

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