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Job ID Date Posted Location
190262 07/27/2019 Maidenhead
Work Location Job Type Contract Type
Maidenhead Office (Star House) Professional Full-time
Hours Per Week Shift Pattern Closing Date
Standard 25/08/2019

We've got big ambitions.

Ambitions that see us want to grow and become one of the nation's best-loved brands.

Sound interesting? That's just the start.

We're leading our industry in terms of change, and delivering amazing experiences for our customers. And our People team are at the heart of it all.

We're experts in design, delivery and consulting, which means we know what works. Firing on all cylinders with a culture that not only takes care of our people but empowers them to deliver career-defining work.

All this means we need more brilliant people. Ones who share our ambition, and get stuck in with the next and most exciting part of our story.

Are you in?

Our People Experience Team is there to support Three`s brand strategy by designing and delivering consistent employee support solutions. The team is responsible for working collaboratively with multiple teams across the business, to design and develop solutions which deliver employee satisfaction, positive brand perception and commercial targets. This role is accountable for designing solutions to support initiatives across end-end employee life cycle.


  • Identifies and evaluates complex expertise-led solutions against a range of criteria to find the ones that best meet business needs.
  • Develops and/or delivers elements of a strategic planning system with guidance from senior colleagues.
  • Manage relationships with key internal customers and act as their business partner, while typically using support teams to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Manages and delivers required outcomes for a portfolio of projects while reporting to senior colleagues.
  • Identifies shortcomings, then suggests and implements improvements to existing business practices, while developing and delivering projects or a work stream within the organisation's change management program with guidance from senior colleagues.
  • Builds complex frameworks to fully assess the scope and context of short-term and long-term business needs.
  • Provides input into the development of procedures for an area within the organisation, then monitors the implementation of those procedures.
  • Develops new methods, tools and programs for quality assurance while leading developmental initiatives and/or programs within an area of expertise.
  • Recommends ways to improve support for operations by changing policies, processes, standards and practices.
Behavioural Skills
  • Takes an active interest in other people. Seeks to understand their individual perspectives and concerns and accurately hears the unspoken or partly expressed thoughts, feelings and concerns of others. Specifically, actively listens; for example, repeating what was heard to check understanding, particularly in difficult conversations.
  • Win the hearts and minds of others across boundary collaborations and to do the right thing, regardless of formal authority. Specifically, invites individual cooperation; for example, inviting the sharing of alternative solutions or viewpoints.
  • Considers and addresses the organisation as a set of interacting systems so as to structure and align organisational ways of working to the strategy or organisational purpose. This is about changing structure, systems, processes (the 'plumbing' of the organisation) - it is not the interpersonal aspects of leading change. Specifically, identifies areas for change; for example, diagnosing misalignment between the organisational structure or model and the desired outcomes.
  • Thinks through situations of varying degrees of complexity and ambiguity, in order to understand them clearly. Specifically, sees basic relationships; for example, identifying simple cause and effect, or pros and cons.
  • Manages, tracks and attends to multiple pieces of information, bringing order and clarity. Specifically, monitors others' work; for example, checking to ensure that procedures are followed.
  • Thinks through issues by seeing the pattern or big picture, brings facts and ideas together, and develops innovative or creative insights. Specifically, applies models or theories; for example, using a theory to help understand a situation.
  • Focuses on assessing, measuring and improving performance. Shows drive and determination to meet short and long-term goals. Specifically, strives to meet challenging goals; for example, setting ambitious, but realistic goals for performance improvement (for self and/or own team).
  • A desire to know more and seek information to inform decisions. Specifically, gathers information; for example, personally observing situations to understand them.
Technical Skills
  • Uses clear and effective verbal communications skills to express ideas, request actions and formulate plans or policies
  • Maintains high performance while applying a change mindset to the planning, execution and monitoring of business activities during times of change
  • Strong on planning, organising, prioritising and overseeing activities to efficiently meet business objectives
  • Able to analyse data trends for use in reports to help guide decision making
  • Able to review and creating relevant, lucid and effective reports when required

Must Have

  • A passion for our employee experience and a drive to create and deliver something which is ground breaking and best in class
  • A significant track record of achievement and improvement of customer or employee experience whist in a similar role.
  • Strong networker with proven track record of managing senior stakeholders, building internal relationships and networking externally to understand “what good looks like”.
  • Highly effective communicator, who is able to influence with credibility at all levels in the organisation.
  • Someone with an ability to keep things simple, whilst delivering with confidence and in a way to get the buy-in from others.
  • Approachable and easy to talk to, creating an open environment where people voice issues and engage effectively.
  • Be continuously inquisitive and constructively probing to identify optimum solutions

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