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Job ID Date Posted Location
1900HI 02/08/2019 Maidenhead
Work Location Job Type Contract Type
Maidenhead Office (Star House) Professional Full-time
Hours Per Week Shift Pattern Closing Date
37.5 Standard N/A

At Three, our goal is to be the best loved brand by our people and customers by 2021 by being Customer Driven, Agile and Collaborative in the way we work. To enable this, our Tech and Ops Transformation will help to ensure end-to-end ownership and clear accountabilities, as well as our competitiveness as a business through our Centres of Excellence.

We are building a Service Operations and Assurance Centre of Excellence and looking for experienced Service Delivery and Customer Experience professionals who can provide recommendations for improving the service across the enterprise with the goal of increasing business performance and the improving the customer experience.

Below are details of a role within our new Service Operations & Assurance Centre of Excellence, including, further information on the role, responsibilities, and criteria required.

Accountable for the control of user experience design practice within an enterprise or industry architecture.
Accountable for working across all customer channels to ensure that customer experience management for technical issues relating to service is consistent and optimized to ensure the best customer experience possible.
Accountable for driving differentiation in customers experience from the data collected and analysed within the Customer Experience Management and other OSS platforms.
The typical planning horizon for this role will be annually to drive customer experience management initiatives with the business and service owners.

  • Specifies and ensures adherence to relevant technical strategies, policies, standards and practices (including security) to meet organisation’s digital user experience design objectives. 
  • Ensures a user-centric approach is taken to service design and improvement: ethnography, customer journeys, personas, empathy maps and other design thinking techniques are utilised to optimise end user experience.
  • Ensures the voice of the customer guides design and improvement: Customer feedback is passively (e.g. feedback forms, complaints) and proactively (e.g. interviews / focus groups) obtained and used to better tailor services to customer needs.
  • Uses CX Strategy and People Strategy so that activities for customer experience management have clear visibility and understanding of how service experience can support wider customer and people experience strategies.
  • Provides leadership in defining and shaping successful digital transformation projects, by specifying a manageable scope of work, developing a credible delivery roadmap, and establishing a sustainable delivery model.
  • Ensures the iterative development of user tasks, interaction and interfaces to meet user requirements, considering the whole user experience. 
  • Ensures the refinement of design solutions in response to user-centred evaluation and feedback and communication of the design to those responsible for implementation.
  • Gain insight from user research and testing to understand users' motivations and frustrations; work to measurable UX goals

Role Fundamentals – Essential criteria

  • Experience in correlating customer experience and behavior with technology to change service design to improve NPS.
  • Experience in service design thinking practices within the telecommunications industry.
  • Certified ITIL Expert
Level / Grade specific experience and knowledge
Candidates at this level should demonstrate:
  • Experience of working with and influencing various levels of management, building relationships and influence across teams and a wider community of other leaders and managers. A clear communicator.
  • Ability to lead, make decisions, problem solve and work within teams. Can demonstrate flexibility and agility to move between role types within teams.
  • Will have clear subject matter experience of their area (both technical and commercial) and ability to connect and work across multiple domains. Can demonstrate knowledge of their area articulated through key operating elements of people, process and technology.
  • Ability to contribute to the development of strategies (and/or service strategies) within their area and understand the importance of the customer experience and how this can be affected by service impacts.
  • Will have a high level, broad end to end understanding of our business and it’s operational performance and be able to demonstrate knowledge of working in a service orientated environment.
  • Will be passionate about the use of data and insight to make informed decisions, solve problems and input to operational and strategic plans. Can demonstrate the ability to gather, analyse and present information in business terms for management and leadership consumption.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced changing environment that shows flexibility, resiliency, self-awareness and ability to support other team members.
  • Will have experience of working directly with partners to successfully deliver outcomes and will demonstrate an awareness of partner contracts.
Domain specific knowledge & experience – Desirable criteria
For this role, candidates should also demonstrate:
  • Ability to provide the link between customer experience and technical capabilities that underpin customer experience management.
  • Thought leadership in the development of customer experience management capabilities through industry scanning and research.
  • Six Sigma Green belt qualification

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