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Job ID Date Posted Location
1901LK 08/06/2019 Maidenhead
Work Location Job Type Contract Type
Maidenhead Office (Star House) Professional Full-time
Hours Per Week Shift Pattern Closing Date
37.5 Standard Working Week 05/09/2019

At Three, our goal is to be the best loved brand by our people and customers by 2021 by being Customer Driven, Agile and Collaborative in the way we work.

Accountable for planning formal reviews of activities, processes, products or services that evaluates and independently appraises the internal control of automated business processes, based on investigative evidence and assessments undertaken by self or team.  
Accountable for ensuring security assessment of a process, service, infrastructure, system or application to identify possible security vulnerabilities or policy/regulatory compliance deviations.  
Accountable for ensuring regulatory compliance is a requirement embedded across all Technology and Operations.   
Support compliance activities of detailed security audits of the capabilities we provide for LI, CD and senstive services as per requirement of legislation. 
The planning cycle for this role is quarterly to support internal and external audit requirements.

Maintains up-to-date knowledge of the legal & regulatory requirements that can impact Technology and Operations and its partners. 

Uses comprehensive knowledge of legal and regulatory obligations and industry best practice and frameworks (e.g NIST, COBIT, ISO27001, PAS 555) to ensure technology standards compliance is achieved. 

Schedules risk and compliance audits, review the outcomes audit process; 

Directs compliance issues to appropriate resources for investigation and resolution. 

Maintains policies, standards and procedures to ensure demonstrable regulatory, legal control. 

Ensures identity and access management standards are adhered to throughout the organization.

Experience of working with and influencing within teams. 

An ability to demonstrate how they add value and contribute to team successes and outcomes. 

Ability to make decisions, problem solve, work and collaborate within teams.
Flexibility and agility to move between role types within teams. 

Understands relationships within those teams and their key stakeholders. 

A keen interest and drive in self development and learning, being open to feedback, challenges and opportunities. 

Will have hands on, day to day understanding and technical subject matter experience of their area. 
Specialist knowledge required for the role including relevant standards, regulations, frameworks, technologies and process. 
Will be able to demonstrate implementing and making recommendations for improvements that are in line with strategies. 

Ability to contribute to operational plans within their area that puts the customer experience first. 

Will have an understanding of Three’s products and services and how we differentiate in the market. 

Will be able to understand and analyse the data and insights in their area to support management and leadership teams to make effective and informed decisions.

Ability to work in a fast paced changing environment enjoying the challenges and opportunities this brings

Can demonstrate being able to effectively prioritise work based on time, cost, quality parameters 

Will have experience of working directly with partners on a regular basis

Domain specific knowledge & experience – Desirable criteria For this role, candidates should also demonstrate: 

Experience of best practice frameworks ITIL/COBIT 

CISM Qualification desirable 

Sound understanding of security control standards such as ISO2700

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