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Job ID Location Work Location
2201KK Reading Dual Location - Home & Reading Office
Job Type Contract Type Hours Per Week
Professional Full-time 37.5
Shift Pattern Closing Date
Standard working week 29/06/2022, 06:59:00 PM

Our people make us who we are. We’re a diverse and inclusive bunch, and it’s important you can feel you belong here. We value everybody for who they are and what they bring to the table, supporting one another as we continue to deliver for our customers.

We are building something special at Three: an in-house agency that is going to re-energise the brand and take our marketing effort to new heights.

The Design Head is responsible for the Design Department managing a large team of cross platform multiskilled design practitioners with expertise in digital, social, print and retail. The right candidate for this role will play a leading part in guiding and upholding the brand, working closely with the creative director and the head of creative services, into whom they will report. They will contribute to the development and redefinition of the brand, working with our in-house creative talent, and will then become the champion of the brand throughout the IHA team and the wider business.

The aim of this role is to provide leadership rather than guardianship – to inspire rather than to police – so that creatives have a clear framework in which to apply their imaginations and breathe new life into the brand with each new brief.

Joining the team at its foundation means this is also a rare opportunity to help define the culture & ways of working of the new IHA.

Success will be an extension of the IHA’s remit over time, taking on higher profile briefs as we prove our capability to the business.

Create the conditions for the success of the in-house agency. You will begin by working with the head of creative services and the creative director to review the existing brand. You will assess what is needed to re-energise it and make it fit for the competitive opportunities and challenges ahead. You will support the creative director in defining our creative ambitions for the brand, and agree a clear measurable plan for how to achieve the ambitions you’ve set. At all times, you’ll bring energy, share ideas and help make this a team that talented people want to be a part of. You will work collaboratively with our above the line and branding agency partners.

Develop and define the brand look and feel. Working with the head of creative services, the creative director and our team of art directors, copywriters and designers, you will drive the exploration of aesthetic and tonal brand concepts. In the process, you will help create the entire visual and linguistic vocabulary that articulates the brand and enables the creative ambition. All of this will inform our new brand guidelines, which you will oversee.

Champion the brand to all relevant stakeholders. Once the brand is defined, you will play a leading role in articulating it to all stakeholders in the business, filling them with excitement as well as ensuring they have a clear understanding of the defining brand principles. You will package it, communicate it, and keep it front of mind so that everyone in the business not only appreciates the value a strong brand can deliver, but also takes pride in our brand every day.

Drive ongoing brand development. Within the IHA you will be the leading advocate of the brand and owner of the brand guidelines. Your aim will be to support new explorations while at the same ensuring the ‘guard rails’ set out in the brand guidelines are respected. You will work closely with the creative director and other senior creative roles to review work, both retrospectively and during development, sparking debates about potential new directions and ensuring conversations about the brand are ongoing, lively and productive. You will similarly engage marketers and external agencies in these conversations, seeking always to evolve the expression of the brand. This is what we mean by ‘leadership rather than guardianship.’

Sign off brand expressions. Notwithstanding the desire to constantly develop the brand, you will be responsible for ensuring that the core tenets of the brand guidelines are respected across all marketing collateral and communications. You will have sign off on brand compliance across all brand aspects (visual identity, tone of voice, messaging, photography etc) through our Campaign Management Framework and Digital Asset Management system.

Maximise every opportunity to communicate the brand to our audiences. You will pro-actively identify opportunities to build the brand in the minds of our target audiences. You will drive specific brand-led campaigns and other initiatives, overseeing their development in conjunction with the creative director.

Interpret research insights & analytics. A big part of developing the brand over the medium to long term is understanding how our customers and target customers are responding to it. You will work with the marketing team, the head of creative services and the creative director to review brand tracking, social and digital analytics, as well as other research findings to determine how successful particular campaigns, creative expressions or strategic initatives have been. You will identify learnings and incorporate these into future work. You will also be alive to new consumer trends and competitor activity, ensuring the brand remains relevant and distinctive at all times.

Collaborate with the IHA team, its internal customers and external partners. You’ll build strong relationships across the IHA team, as well as with external agency partners, showing respect for the contribution of each discipline and each individual. Develop positive relationships with marketing and other roles that brief the IHA, helping them to help the IHA generate quality work. Communicate well, work together productively and serve as an example for all IHA team members to follow.

Help the In-House Agency run efficiently and effectively. Based on your clear understanding the brand and the creative ambition of the IHA, you will support agreed ways of working across the team so that each member of the team is able to work efficiently and effectively. Make good use of systems, tools and processes which enable the team to excel.

  • Experience of shaping, concepting, developing and executing brand identities, campaign identities, guidelines documents and design objects — physical, printed or digital.
  • Extensive design branding experience but also have a good understanding of the communications eco system.
  • Ability to execute design to a high standard and to understand what a brand can be: how the positioning and strategy can translate into a design system that is used across platforms.
  • Well-seasoned in brand creation processes.
  • The ability to be able to see briefs not as they are but what they can be.
  • Demonstrable passion for craft, quality and taste.

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Three are a proud signatory of the Tech Talent Charter (TTC), working across industries to drive greater inclusion and diversity in technology roles.

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