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2201I0 United Kingdom
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Professional Full-time
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Standard N/A

Our people make us who we are. We’re a diverse and inclusive bunch, and it’s important you can feel you belong here. We value everybody for who they are and what they bring to the table, supporting one another as we continue to deliver for our customers.

• Responsible for countering physical threats to company assets and personnel, which includes providing proactive and reactive physical security services in relation to Three’s data centre infrastructure, RAN, core offices, and retail estates.
• Governance and audit of the physical security of infrastructure including compliance with relevant legislation and organisational policies, and identification, escalation, and mitigation of physical security risks.
• Investigation of unauthorised access to facilities and compliance with relevant legislation and organisational policies.
• Responsible for ensuring that all staff understand their obligations as a company employee to adhere to physical security guidelines and policies.
• Responsible for defining minimum physical security standards for core office, RAN, data centre and retail estates.
• Responsible for ensuring minimum standards are maintained or non-compliance is captured, escalated, and the associated risks are managed appropriately.
• The typical planning cycle for projects is 1 to 2 years with a regular audit cycle undertaken on a quarterly basis to adhere to regulatory and legal requirements.
• Responsible for responding to alerts and supporting incidents on a 24/7 basis via an on-call system.

• Maintains security administration processes and checks that all requests for support are dealt with according to agreed procedures.
• Provides guidance in defining access rights and privileges.
• Provides regular audit reporting against physical security controls.
• Reactively investigates security breaches in accordance with established procedures on a 24/7 basis, and recommends required actions and supports follows up to ensure these are implemented.
• Works with partners to ensure (1) access to premises, buildings and areas is justified, authorised, logged and monitored automatically. (2) Physical security is continuously tested, reviewed and improved. (3) all physical assets are configured and maintained consistently with both regular and day-to-day business requirements, temporary or emergency business requirements.
• Ensures all physical assets are supported, licensed, and maintained in line with obligations and agreements with suppliers.
• Works with partners to assure physical assets in temporary emergency situations do not compromise performance in relation to regular day-to-day business, and visa-versa.
• Works with partners to ensure all physical assets and associated logging systems are subject to regular scheduled monitoring and inspection, and in response to issues appropriate and prompt responses are implemented.

• Demonstrable experience of providing Physical Security within large scale organisations covering all types of facilities used in Telecommunications e.g. Radio access sites, retail units, data centres and head offices.
• Industry or academic credentials in security or risk management.
• Demonstrable understanding of physical security standards and guidelines e.g., NIST, ISO27001.
• Experience of working with and influencing within teams.
• An ability to demonstrate how they add value and contribute to team successes and outcomes.
• Ability to make decisions, problem solve, work and collaborate within teams.
• Flexibility and agility to move between role types within teams. Understands relationships within those teams and manage key stakeholders.
• A keen interest and drive to learn and develop, being open to feedback, challenges and opportunities.
• Will have hands on, day to day understanding and technical subject matter experience of their area.
• Specialist knowledge required for the role includes an understanding of relevant physical security standards, regulations, frameworks, controls and processes.
• Will be able to demonstrate the ability to make recommendations and implement physical security countermeasures and improvements aligned to organisational strategies.
• Ability to contribute to operational plans within their area that puts the customer experience first.
• Will understand Three’s products and services and how we differentiate ourselves in the market.
• Will be able to understand and analyse the data and insights in their area to support management and leadership teams to make effective and informed decisions.
• Ability to work in a fast-paced, changing environment enjoying the challenges and opportunities this brings.
• Can demonstrate being able to effectively, prioritise work based on time, cost, and quality parameters.
• Will have experience of working directly with partners on a regular basis

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